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gary winogrand

Black and White World: A Photography Workshop With Garry Winogrand
We quickly learned Winogrand's technique--he walked slowly or stood in the middle of pedestrian traffic as people went by. He shot prolifically. I watched him walk a short block and shoot an entire roll without breaking stride. As he reloaded, I asked him if he felt bad about missing pictures when he reloaded. 'No,' he replied, 'there are no pictures when I reload.' He was constantly looking around, and often would see a situation on the other side of a busy intersection. Ignoring traffic, he would run across the street to get the picture. Incredibly, people didn't react when he photographed them. It surprised me because Winogrand made no effort to hide the fact that he was standing in way, taking their pictures. Very few really noticed; no one seemed annoyed. Winogrand was caught up with the energy of his subjects, and was constantly smiling or nodding at people as he shot. It was as if his camera was secondary and his main purpose was to communicate and make quick but personal contact with people as they walked by. At the same time, as he passed from shadow into sunlight into shadow again, he was constantly adjusting his meterless camera. It was second nature to him. In fact, his first comment right out the door was, 'nice light--1/250 second at f/8.' I tried to mimic Winogrand's shooting technique. I went up to people, took their pictures, smiled, nodded, just like the master. Nobody complained; a few smiled back!
via the flickr portrait group.

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irving street

irving street
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I was framing this building in my nikon n90 when it jammed (I still haven't mastered changing modes on the thing), and this gentleman happened into the picture. through the viewfinder, I saw him stop just to the right of this doorway,lean back and shrug. he was kind and patient enough to wait for me to switch to digital.

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that smell

from the nyt, the mystery of the cinnamon buns
In a city where strange, discolored puddles appear in the streets and overflowing trash bags are placed in plain view, most New Yorkers accept the fact that the place will, at any given time, smell....
...But some residents have lately gotten a whiff of a different sort of scent. ...

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end-of-the-roll shots

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I've been shooting more film lately, and in the rush to get it processed I've shot more than a few frames just for the sake of finishing off a roll. here are some of my end-of-roll pix, taken on the way to asman photo on capitol hill.


laurence harvey:..:::.::

pictured: laurence harvey in
welcome to arrow beach

the best still here

the best still here
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nativity with glowing veal

nativity with glowing veal
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a friend of a guy I know painted this, among other canvases derivative in a surprising variety of ways and means (not a few faux ernsts, for example). though between you and me, this sofa-sized tableau is a reproduction with added highlights. check out the incongruous picasso bull coming out of the left edge.