Sunday, January 23, 2011

every camera I own: spongebob micro camera

partial inventory with amitabh

Or some of it, anyway. Every New Year I think this will be the year I take inventory of my cameras and maybe use the ones I've been neglecting - which is most of them. I don't have a rotation plan mapped out but with something like 75 cameras in the collection, this year I'll try to make use out of them. All of the working ones, at least.

Which I'd hoped would include my micro Spongebob camera:

It boasts a whopping 0.3 megapixels at an eye popping 640x480 resolution. As you can see the camera appears to use the eye of Spongebob as the lens. Is there a Queen Elizabeth version somewhere on the Continent? Nevertheless, the brilliant design but limited specs produces an image that's dreamier than most toy digital cameras. I haven't used Spongebob in sometime and seem to have misplaced and/or deleted the necessary drivers: my MacBook doesn't read it at all, while the house PC simple erases the images as soon as I plug the thing in. When I was able to download images out of it I could only ever shoot 20-25 pix before the single AAA battery ran out, and with these toys the internal memory gets wiped out when the battery dies, leaving you with a small window in which to shot and download. Nuts.