Monday, September 21, 2009

song of hernando county

song of hernando county, originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

from a book put out by the Hernando County YWCA

(by Edith Fulton?)

("I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from which cometh my strength"
--Psalm 121:1)

There may not be in all of earth
A region totally without lure,
Without a modicum of worth.
If man but labor and endure;
But living at its thrilling best
Is yours in such a land as this
Which nature lavishly has blessed
With ocean's tang and sun's gold kiss
Upon the dark and loamy soil
That folds the gift of seeds away
And by some swift and secret toil,
Brings forth their yield in sweet array.

Come down, ye seekers for a land
Of wondrous favor, bright with peace,
Where quickened heart and mind and hand
Reap harvests of untold increase!
The shining pines await you here,
And wooded hills are redolent
With pungent fragrance all the year;
When miles before you have been spent
And you have reached your journey's end,
You'll find delight indigenous,
And every citizen a friend
To welcome you as one of us.

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