Saturday, November 21, 2009

a brief history of hoarding: the library book sale

The library where I work has an annual book sale, and I've been going every year since I started working there many moons ago. This year I donated a Macy's bag full of books. I never buy more than I donate - not even close - but somehow the scattershot weeding I do to fill up that shopping bag of donations seems to clear less space than the scattershot things I buy; some of which goes home, much of which clutters my office years later.

british sheep breeds

I had this taped to my office door for several years. It's still in my office, but I took it down this year to scan it and I never put it back up, giving me an unobstructed view of the American flag themed tissue paper that my industrious project team members used to plastered our office doors.

the interview

From the 1983 Betamax video Japanese electronic industry -- entry into the future. You never see the woman's face during this brief creepy interview. Her hair bobs slightly as she nods.

This year's book sale was fruitful, and with the increasing quality of cellphone cameras, I can faithfully document the materials I don't buy.

I didn't buy this:

the warren oates memorial cable knit

I did buy this:

for a long time, i used to go to bed early

And this:

and whiskers on kittens

I didn't buy this:

But I bought this:

I should weed this weekend.

cats and kittens in colour


Ryan Shepard said...

This is at LC? Is it open to the public?

Documenting yard/library sale pass-ups is fast becoming the most compelling reason for me to get a camera phone. This may be the last push I need ...

pat said...

@LC and open to the public. It was just last week, but it's an annual event. Can you even get a cellphone without a camera anymore?

sfrances said...

Oh ! That boxed Popular Music Hit Parade was a staple in my Springfield household when I was a youngster.

Ryan Shepard said...

Can you even get a cellphone without a camera anymore?

If you're cheap, stubborn, and prone to buy consumer electronics from ads in magazines aimed at the very elderly, yes ;)