Tuesday, September 23, 2003

autumn is best

Date: Monday, 17 October 1994 9:54pm
From: Subject: Autum is best
Sender: Japanese food & culture discussion list

Dear P----- ,

Summeer vacation was end, and it's autum. How are you? I'm very fine]
My college is situated in top of the mountain.(It's small mountain.)
So it's beautiful scenery. Especially autum is best season.
My best favorite season is autum that is my birthday season. Octorber 10,
I went to Mt. WAKAKUSA with my friends. Do you know Mt. WAKAKUSA?
It's situated back of TODAIJI tenple in Nara. I live in nara, so it's ve-
ry close. It was fine day, and the best day eating a lunch. The only pro-
blem is there is many deers. That is pastured around here, and that is a
trademark in Nara. But this deer's feces is many]] So we must spread a
carpet. And they make a snatch at our lunch. They are very pretty, but is
a nuisance. Do you watch red leaves? Please tell me.
I wait your letter.


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