Friday, September 19, 2003

Remembrance of tv movies past

Time and again Lance Kerwin went to bed early. Remember that tv-movie starring Lance of James at 15/16? In The Loneliest Runner, Michael Landon tells his story in flashback of noctural enuresis. In a classic evil mother scene, Lance Kerwin is walking home with his potential sweetie Melissa Sue Anderson, when to his whorror mumsy has hung the wet sheets out his bedrock window. Lance runs away - and you figure, a kid who grows up to be a long-distance runner played by Michael Landon, you'd think he could run, right? Well you bet you sacroiliass he could run and run he does to the city department store where he hides until its closing time and what's a poor bedwetting future track star to do?

A queen sized brass bed and her siren call is what he do, as in sleep on and not piss in. Hooray his cure is a larger bed, plenty of room for Lance and Melissa Sue to do their thing when mumsy's away.

Wasn't Lance a coke-head for a while?

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