Thursday, December 15, 2005

"it's for play"

"it's for play"
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One of the many times we got lost in Memphis was down this side road that was part abandoned warehouses and part high-class condos under construction (the class divide seems really deep in Memphis). I saw a gorgeous sunset view of barren trees overlooking the Mississippi. my date stopped and waited in the car so I could take pix but after a few minutes I motioned her over.

There was a walkway atop a steep hill that overlooked Riverside Dr and ol'
Miss. We admired the view and sat on a bench like a coupla crazy kids and after a spell we saw a figure come up the hill (it was a lot like Vertigo except without nuns and death) and got up, figuring it meant no good. It was this crew-cutted immigrant carrying an unfolded cardboard box. three friends were at the bottom of the hill looking up at us. The immigrant looked at us and our silent questioning and said in a thick (hispanic? middle eastern?) accent, "It's for play - it's good!" I wondered what kind of play was he giving for his friends down there? When he finished unfolding the box he put it down, lay on it face down and slid down the hill, ending up halfway into Riverside Drive. He came up for seconds and the second time he didn't make the road but fell off near the bottom and didn't get up for a minute, but by the time we moved on we saw him limping up, ready for another turn.

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