Monday, July 20, 2009

the improvisors - loch ness nessie

This latest installment in a series of Cryptozoological Hits of the Seventies is, save for the lurid sleeve design, uninspiring product. Can any band of supposedly comic artistes be worth their salt as improvisors if they can't think of anything better to call their group than "The Improvisors"? The B-side is a Christmas record, and while they certainly deserved their share of Christmas pudding I'm certain nobody slipped a Muse in their stockings.

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Ryan Shepard said...

Actually, from its brief appearance on screen, the sleeve looks to have nostalgia-inducing Kroft Superstars feel to it!

The lazy name seems to be a throw back to the grand tradition of the hastily-assembled (and immediately dissolved) novelty record bands of the 60s ...