Tuesday, July 28, 2009

in the electric mist with the televised dead

I watch old movies all the time and never ruminate on how many members of the cast of, say, The Magnificent Ambersons is still alive (zero major cast members, apparently.) But old tv clips like this make me sad. I wonder how many people who used to fall asleep watching the late show are today no longer waking up. Maybe it's that much of the cast of The Magnificent Ambersons is still remembered today. But who will long remember the names of these unidentified newscasters? Maybe it's the imperfectly preserved broadcast, the degrading video a reminder of what will happen to our memory and the memory of us. Will future generations have such a frisson when looking at the "early" days of the internets, the blogosphere, the twitterverse?

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Ryan Shepard said...

This is something that I started thinking about as a kid while watching old Universal monster movies - that the fact that most of the actors were long dead added to the creepiness, and that movies/TV themselves have a sort of "ghostly" quality.

It didn't occur to me that anybody else was thinking about this until I heard Daniel Johnston's "It's Spooky" years later.