Thursday, March 17, 2011

every camera I own: the kodak bantam, pt. 1: camera of the unknown and possibly english schoolboy

I bought a Kodak Bantam at the Antiques Garage in Chelsea last year, and have run half an eight-exposure roll of 828 Vericrhome Pan through it. I'll post those results soon, but first: there was a roll of exposed film in the camera when I bought it, and I just got those pictures back.

The camera was made in 1935. The Union Jack is prominently displayed among other unseen flags. So it could be England ... or a Commonwealth?

Looks very English school uniform - but was this necessarily taken in the same place the other photos were made?

The Bloggy Bloggy Dew accepts any and all identifying suggestions. I'm sorry the family who made these photos were never able to see the developed product. I wonder what happened to them and how their camera (in its original box!) made it across the pond - if indeed this is across the pond.


CrabbyPanda said...

So -- I'm thinking Canada, maybe Ontario or Quebec? But it isn't Fort Chambly. There's an anorak's compendium of N American forts here:

Harry Snowden said...

Could be also be Australia

pat said...

Thanks for the suggestions - I was thinking Australia too. Somebody in the photography group on the FB suggested St. Malo Brittany and it looks close: