Thursday, March 03, 2011

every camera i own: the polaroid one 600

The plan this week was to post photos from a Smena, a plastic Russian camera manufactured by the people who brought you the Lomo. But I loaded it with expired slide film that I already know will be completely magenta, and I never even got around to taking it to the lab because the last time they sent some out it came back over a week later. But instead of showing you, oh, my iPhone 4 from Verizon (which is what I used to make the picture at left), here's a generic late-model Polaroid with a picture shot on film made by the Impossible Project, who resurrected (read: boutiquified it and charged more money for, but really, it's nice stuff) Polaroid film. This is one of their monochrome films,  PX Silver Shade. It's  rated at ASA 600,  and thus with the built-in flash and limited exposure control of the One600 camera, he image is more than a little washed out. I'm running away in the morning and may come back with freshly shot film. Or not.

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