Monday, March 07, 2011

welcome things readers

ahd bae tha' fr'a dollahHello to those of you who have found this blog via a link from a things magazine article on collectors, in which the subtitle of the present blog, "it's not hoarding, it's curating!" is taken as a symptom rather than a disease. Lately I've been documenting my camera collection and a recent haul of photo books, the latter of which I was in the process of reviewing in toto before succumbing to a fresh episode of binge-booking. But that's for another post. But those collections are well within the realm of the ordinary and respectable, if no less obsessive in their futile attempts to fill the void with eponymous things that can't hold you when you're feeling blue. And while what I am about to show you is no exception to the melancholy rule, what you should really see is my Sheena Easton collection (ed. note: which is perhaps not so much a collection as a loose gathering of a handful of related things), which I blog about here.

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